We aim to strike the right dramatic balance between dialogue, music, and effects and to avoid monotony.  The final mix is a frame accurate soundtrack for all audio formats, clear of quality issues such as phasing, filtering and gain reduction.  We create a cinematic experience, engulfing your audience in a soundtrack with dialogue, sfx, music, foley and sound design perfectly balanced. 

We work with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment using a wide variety of sophisticated tools to make your project sound as good as possible. Our stages are set up to mix in 5.1\7.1\Stereo for film, television, Internet and DVD.  We can upmix or downmix  to any format or encoding (LtRt/LoRo) to satisfy any viewer’s speaker array.   And we can do it all on time!

As our production credits show, we’re the top choice for uncompromising quality in music performance mixing for streaming, broadcast and distribution. Whether stereo or 5.1, our mixes represent music performances and compositions at their best, with a feel that expresses the emotion and feeling the story is telling.

We have the 1-2 combo for successful sound supervision for any project:  The 1:  Our lead Supervising Sound Editor, James P. Lay, has over 3 decades of experience in Audio Post Production in Film and Television. The 2: Audio Engineer and technologist, Jason Wolf, has over 20 years experience working for companies such as Avid, Apple, and Opcode, as well as supporting world-class audio facilities. He can easily ensure state-of-the-art technologies and practices are employed for your project.  (Jason also has an MBA /MOT, so that helps too!) It’s safe to say that our Sound Supervision 1-2 combo has all the angles covered to successfully delivering your sound package.

Improving the quality of your sound editing will also improve the quality of your picture editing.  We creatively leverage sound design – effects, foley, silence, dynamic range, etc. to transform your storytelling abilities and ultimately enhance the overall quality of your project.  We employ the best technologies to execute picture enhancing sound design such as cross-dissolves,  multiband compression, EQ, dynamics, reverb, and room modeling.

Take a look at our credits and you’ll see that we’re really good at creating emotional, atmospheric soundscapes, creating a total immersive cinematic experience for the viewer.  We’re so good at it that you’ll hardly even notice, except when unpredictable thunder booms you off the couch!  Atmospheric and environment sounds smooth out every cut and improves the timing of the picture. Your viewers will feel like they’re a part of it, experiencing the story’s rhythm, energy and excitement.

Articulate and smooth dialogue is the foundation of the story, therefore it’s our goal that every word spoken is clearly heard and understood.  We know how to work dialogue into all mix formats and have vast experiences working with dialogue recordings coming from all source types, including archives in which audio restoration is needed.

Realistic sound effects to accentuate a scene adding to the overall suspension of disbelief, like the sound of a flat tire – wub wub wub…   Also,paying attention to B-Roll footage as much as A-Roll is second nature to us.  Realism is enhanced by realistic sound effects for all moving images. Drawing upon both world-renown commercial sound effects libraries and our own large custom designed sounds and recordings, finding the perfect sound in a hurry is quick and direct.

Our ADR stage is fine-tuned, acoustically and aesthetically, for comfortable talent and a great performance, perfectly captured. We ensure a comfortable recording experience for on and off-camera actor so that the story is told in the best possible way.  We keep script notes to mark performances and takes.  This is an area where we give a lot of attention to capture the emotion of the actor so that it matches the emotion of the scene / picture.

For the finishing touches on your project, you can rely on our team for precise foley, from footsteps to all kinds of props, tucked into the mix just enough to put your viewer in the moment and bring your scenes to life.

When it comes to analog to digital video transfers, the audio tracks are usually poor quality and distract from the video.  Our Audio Restoration techniques remove hum, wireless ring, or interference without interfering or affecting the audio quality. Audio restoration can also be used to eliminate radio and transmitter interference, camera hum, generator hum, and other types of hum found on stage, set or in the field.


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